​Republic Day 2022: Make The Most of Your Day While Taking Necessary Precautions Amid COVID-19

​Republic Day 2022: Make The Most of Your Day While Taking Necessary Precautions Amid COVID-19

Republic Day 2022: When the country went under a lockdown in 2020, time seemed to stop altogether, and people felt it difficult to cope with life in general. The newly-found virus caused panic amongst people, but healthcare workers worked round the clock to educate people and help them take necessary precautions. Almost two years later, the pandemic still hasn’t disappeared in thin air, but people have learnt how to live with it. As the country is celebrating another Republic Day in the shadows of the pandemic, citizens are likely to spend the day at their homes. Here are a few tips on how to make the most of your day while taking precautions.


Sitting at home can make one feel fatigued. Exercise can help with weight maintenance or shed those extra calories. It also boosts energy and improves your mood, along with combating disease and health conditions. However, while working out in a public space, make sure to sanitise the place well and wear masks. (when not working out).

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Reading might not interest a lot of people, but it helps in strengthening your brain and also building your vocabulary. You can read books related to Republic day. Gaining a little knowledge has never harmed anyone and you can surely make the most of your day reading. Moreover, sitting at home does not need precautions, which is another boon.

Connect with loved ones

Spending time with the people you love not only gives you mental peace but also makes you happy. Although it is extremely necessary to take precautions and care for your loved ones. Keeping the place sanitised and asking people to stay hygienic who visit is crucial.


Cooking is often referred to as therapeutic but in reality, it’s a skill everyone must learn. Start with easy quick recipes and brush your skills as and when time passes. If you have guests coming over, be watchful about maintaining hygiene and feeding your guests healthy food. This is just another way to make the most of your day and sleep with a full stomach and happy heart!

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