250 Pink autos and taxis to land in city, water tax to be abolished, TMC promises in polls

শহরে নামবে ২৫০ পিঙ্ক অটো ও ট্যাক্সি, বাতিল হবে জলকর, পুরভোটে TMC-র একগুচ্ছ প্রতিশ্রুতি

Own report: Pre-poll on November 25 at Agartala Corporation in Tripura. The Trinamool Congress (TMC) has fielded candidates in all the wards in that election. Ghasful Shibir has warned of a clash with the ruling BJP. The Trinamool Congress (TMC) announced the pre-poll manifesto just a week before the election.

In the manifesto, the Trinamool Congress has made nine promises for the people of Agartala. It has been named ‘Navaratna for Agartala’. Good roads starting from urban development. Tax exemptions, purified drinking water services, social development and security. The manifesto contains a bunch of promises.

Trinamool manifesto at a glance-

1. Food-free roads, free Wi-Fi, bio-toilets, improvement of markets and parks, development of crematoriums.

2. Increasing the number of street lights, 100 percent CCTV cameras in the city, day and night patrol vans, increasing women’s safety. Introducing 250 women-driven pink autos or taxis in the city.

3. Reform the sewerage system of Agartala, modernize waste collection and management.

4. ‘Hello Mayor’ program in the style of ‘Talk To Mayor’ of Calcutta Corporation. Where the mayor will speak directly to the citizens. Listen to their problems. In addition, one Citizen Protection Center will be established in every five wards.

5. Improving the quality of health centers in the city. Prevention of dengue and malaria.

. Elimination of water tax, reduction of property tax.

. Deliver purified water to everyone’s house and start water ATM.

. Development of hawker and poor areas.

9. Development of civil servants.

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