A loud noise in the middle of the sky, SpiceJet was forced to make an emergency landing

মাঝ আকাশে বিকট শব্দ, জরুরি অবতরণ করাতে বাধ্য হল স্পাইসজেট : ছবি (সৌজন্যে পিটিআই)  (PTI)

In the middle of the sky, a private passenger plane crashed. At that moment panic spread among the passengers. However, the pilot, crew and passengers were saved for a while. No casualties were reported. The plane made an emergency landing at Calcutta Airport with the help of air traffic control. Then the private airline took the passengers to the destination on another plane.

The incident took place in the skies of Kolkata Airport on Tuesday. According to airport sources, a SpiceJet flight left Patna for Guwahati on the same day. There were a total of 38 people in the plane, including the pilot, passengers and cabin crew.

In the middle of the sky, the pilot heard a loud noise from the engine of the aircraft. Realizing the danger, he immediately contacted the air traffic control at Calcutta Airport. He informed about the situation of the plane and asked for permission to make an emergency landing. Hearing that, the air traffic control of Calcutta Airport did not delay.

Roads were paved for the aircraft to land. After the plane landed, the passengers were brought down safely. Engineers from the private airline then came and inspected the wreckage. However, the airline did not take the risk of taking any passenger on the plane. The aviation authorities arranged for them to be sent to Guwahati on another flight from Kolkata.

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