Advocate in support of Hijab urges Karnataka High Court to allow girl students to wear Hijab at least on Friday (Lead-1)

Advocate in support of Hijab urges Karnataka High Court to allow girl students to wear Hijab at least on Friday (Lead-1)

Bangalore: The counsel for girl students who want to go to school wearing hijab on Thursday urged the Karnataka High Court to allow these girl students to attend classes wearing hijab at least on Fridays.

Senior advocate Vinod Kulkarni, appearing for the girl students, submitted that the hijab issue has created massive frenzy and mental unrest across the country and sending poor Muslim girls out of the classroom is against the preamble of the Constitution.

The counsel urged the court to allow girl students to wear hijab at least on Fridays and during the coming holy month of Ramzan. Seeking the court’s direction in this regard, the lawyer referred to late singer Bharat Ratna Lata Mangeshkar’s song, which says, “Kuch pake khona hai, kuch kho ke pana hai”.

“I plead with folded hands to allow the hijab on Friday and this will avoid unnecessary controversy,” he said.

He said that the Quran cannot be ignored and the hijab is not against public order. He said that outside authorities have no authority to pass orders in religious matters and beliefs.

Advocate General Prabhuling Navadgi, appearing for the state government, opposed the demand saying that if the request is considered, it amounts to considering the application of the petitioner.

Senior advocates Devdutt Kamat, Ravivarma Kumar and Yusuf Muchhala, appearing for the petitioners, concluded their arguments on Wednesday.

A three-judge bench, which heard the matter for the fifth consecutive day, later adjourned the matter till Friday. Now on Friday, Navadgi will present his arguments.

The counsel for the petitioner has earlier made strong arguments for the removal of the interim order prohibiting wearing of hijab and saffron shawls in classes. Arguing that the government was misusing the interim order issued by the court to target Muslim students, he had sought modification of the interim order.

However, Justice Krishna S. Dixit and Justice Khaji Jayabunnesa Mohiuddin as well as a bench headed by Chief Justice Ritu Raj Awasthi did not agree to this.

Meanwhile, six Udupi girl students, who were the first to protest against not being allowed to enter class for wearing hijab, have decided to remain absent from the college till the last orders.

Meanwhile, in Hassan, around 340 students with placards in support of the hijab blocked the road and the police had a hard time handling them. They dispersed after the DSP warned of action.

Tension prevailed at Saraladevi College in Bellary as girl students wearing hijab refused to return despite several requests from the college and police authorities. Along with these girl students, their parents also came along.

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