All three agricultural laws back, result of farmers’ years of struggle: Yechury

All three agricultural laws back, result of farmers' years of struggle: Yechury

New Delhi: The Communist Party of India (Marxist) is the result of the struggle of brave farmers after the Central Government announced the withdrawal of all three agricultural laws, the repeal of three agricultural laws. CPIM Politburo salutes farmers.

Senior CPI(M) leader and former Rajya Sabha MP Sitaram Yechury on Friday said salute to our farmers and their brave struggle which has revoked Modi’s three black agriculture laws. Let us not forget the sacrifice of more than 750 farmers who lost their lives in this struggle. They are our martyrs.

Yechury said in a press conference on Friday, we want to remind the people of the country and the central government that these farmers were called Khalistani. The Prime Minister called them agitators. The Central Government should first take resignation from the Union Minister whose son’s car was crushed by the farmers. The government should make farmers implement MSC on every crop.

Congratulations to Kisan Samyukta Morcha (SKM) and farmers for leading a successful struggle, he said. A stubborn PM and his government were also forced to bow down.

Parliament should enact MSP as a legal authority, repealing 3 agricultural laws. More than 750 farmers were martyred, yet the Prime Minister did not apologise.

Yechury said that such an announcement just before the election clearly shows that it is an election announcement. The people of the country, the farmers of the country are not going to forget. The way farmers were treated. This one is not to be forgotten.

He said that the public would now ask the opposite question, why did it take a year. If he had to do this, he could have done it earlier also. Why these three laws were withdrawn from Punjab, just before the Uttar Pradesh elections.

He accused the central government of continuing to seek justice for those targeted by the government and its agencies through false cases. The Prime Minister should apologize for the hardship and inconvenience caused by his dictatorial move of agricultural laws to benefit his business partners.

The opposition has always been united on this issue. 20 opposition parties together have demanded the Center to withdraw this law.

Significantly, in his address to the nation on Friday, Prime Minister Modi said that his government decides to withdraw all three agricultural laws. He said that in the Parliament session to begin later this month, all three will initiate the constitutional process of withdrawing agricultural laws. He has also appealed to the farmers to end the agitation.

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