“An unplanned decision has been taken”, Subhash quipped about opening a state school

বাঁকুড়ার বিজেপি সাংসদ ডাঃ সুভাষ সরকার। ফাইল ছবি

Coronavirus has increased in the state after Durgapuja. But after about a year and a half, the school is going to open in the state. The school is going to open in the state from November 16. This was announced by Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee herself. The decision was welcomed by the state education department. Union Minister of State for Education and BJP MP Dr Subhash Sarkar mocked the decision as unplanned. He said, “Schools and colleges should not be opened in this state without planning.”

It is learned that sanitation work has already started in every educational institution. The Chief Minister has given strict instructions to complete it within the next two weeks. Classes will now run from ninth to twelfth grade. The secondary examination will be held in March next year. The high school exam will be held in April. So at this moment the preparation for opening the school is in full swing. Sanitation work is going on regularly. So that the students can sit while maintaining physical distance.

The Union Minister of State for Education has said that this initiative is unplanned. In this regard, the Union Minister of State for Education and Bankura BJP MP. Subhash Sarkar said, ‘It would have been better if this decision had been planned. Now the school-college is being opened but it is not clear how the Paduas will go to school. The local train has not started yet. Unplanned decision has been taken

Regarding this issue, the Union Minister said, ‘The central government has sent a total of 14 advisors on schools and colleges. The state government did not respond. People have come out during Durgapuja and corona infection has increased. Teachers and non-teaching staff should be vaccinated with two doses. Parents must take feedback. All students need to be tested every 15 days. One day the students were asked to come

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