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Deepika Padukone and Ananya Panday are constantly in the headlines on social media for their new film ‘Ghehraiyaan’. During an interview, Deepika Padukone has revealed about a habit of Ananya Pandey.

Published: February 19, 2022 06:28:58 pm

These days, the film Dehheyan is becoming very popular. Ananya Pandey is getting a lot of praise with this film. Nina and Ananya Panday are enjoying the success of their latest release ‘Gehraiyaan’. Recently, on the success of the film, Deepika and director Shakun Batra made some revelations related to Ananya in an interview. The actress said, Ananya does not share her food items with anyone at all. Along with this, he made another disclosure about Ananya, which might make you laugh too.

Deepika said, “Ananya never shares her food.” So on the other hand, Shakun Batra, the director of the film Dehriyan, has shared an anecdote during the film on Cyrus Brocha’s show ‘Cyrus Sage’. Continuing Deepika’s talk, he said, “Once Ananya Pandey was eating keema pav but she did not share her food with anyone. Just gave her two or four peas.” To this, Deepika said, “You got at least that much, we haven’t even got that till today.”
Sharing the whole story, Deepika said, “We all invited ourselves to Ananya’s house one day. Ananya told us that Keema Pav is being made at her house. We said thank you for inviting us. To this Ananya said That’s ok if you guys have to come then come, but for all of you, the pav is not much. We waited for 40-45 minutes for our food, but she kept on eating her food and she did not ask us even once and Neither offered.” Ananya said, “I have given two or three peas to Shakun.”

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Deepika Padukone jokingly said that she refused to take lessons when she invited herself to Ananya’s house for dinner. When Cyrus asked Ananya why she doesn’t want people to come to her house, she said that it has to do with dad Chunky Pandey. Ananya said, “Because my dad is always walking around the house wrapped in a towel. If you still want to come, come.” On this Shakun Batra said having fun, “I am able to see many memes being made on this from now on.”

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