Angry Wife did a week’s Strike, Husband made the condition of the house like this; pictures viral

नाराज Wife ने की एक हफ्ते की Strike, Husband ने ऐसा कर दिया घर का हाल; तस्वीरें वायरल

Washington: There is often a dispute between husband and wife regarding the work of the house. 27-year-old Jalie Gill, who lives in Florida, also had a dispute with her husband. Actually, the husband said that he contributed the most in the cleanliness of the house. There was an argument between the two, after which Jelly decided to teach her husband a lesson. She announced that she is going on strike for a week, that is, she will not do any household work during this time.

The condition of the house shown on TikTok

According to the report of ‘Daily Mail’, an angry Jelly Gill clearly told her husband that he would have to take full responsibility for seven days. After this, she kept an eye on her husband’s cleanliness for a week and kept recording it in the camera. By sharing pictures on her TikTok account, she has told what happened to the house under her husband’s rule.

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Husband’s enthusiasm soon got cold

Looking at the pictures shared by Jellie Gill, it is understandable how much her husband must have contributed to cleanliness. The whole house is torn apart by Jill’s strike. From bathroom to kitchen everything is messy. Somewhere, clothes are lying, somewhere shoes, somewhere other stuff is lying. As the days passed, the condition of the house deteriorated. Jelly said, ‘The husband cleaned well on the first day, but with time his enthusiasm cooled down’.

Men underestimate women

The angry wife said, ‘In a week, the husband changed the face of the house. The same was scattered everywhere from bathroom to kitchen. When I asked him about the condition of the bathroom, the answer was that the children have done it. When I asked why you didn’t do it right, he fell silent. Gill said that often the work of women is not visible to the husbands. They think that we have what we have to do, but when they have to do the same work themselves, then Nani is remembered.

Advice to continue Strike

This attempt of Jelly to teach her husband a lesson is becoming viral on social media. People are commenting in different ways. Some have even told Gill that he should continue his strike until the husband realizes his mistake. At the same time, some users say that now perhaps Gill’s husband must have understood how much work women have.

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