Appeal to Pak court to prove Bhagat Singh’s innocence? Learn the story behind the viral video

ভগৎ সিংকে নির্দোষ প্রমাণ করতে পাক আদালতে আবেদন? জানুন ভাইরাল ভিডিওর নেপথ্য কাহিনী

Own report: Revolutionary Bhagat Singh was acquitted in the Lahore Conspiracy Case. A lawyer at the door of the Pak court in this case. Recently a video related to this went viral on WhatsApp. What is the matter? Zee Media sought the authenticity of the video.

What is Lahore Conspiracy Case?

John Poyntz Saunders, then a British police officer, was charged with murder against Bhagat Singh. He was hanged on March 23, 1931. During the hearing, Lahore police filed an FIR in the court. The FIR, written in Urdu on December 16, 1928, mentioned two unidentified gunmen.

According to a recent viral video, the lawyer who claimed Bhagat Singh’s innocence was named Imtiaz Rashid Qureshi. He is the President of the Bhagat Singh Memorial Foundation of Pakistan. In the Lahore Conspiracy Case, Biplobi Bhagat Singh has gone to court claiming that he was innocent. He appealed to the Lahore court. The court also accepted the application.

Zee Media can find out by verifying the authenticity of this video. That is true. However, the incident is not current. The incident took place in 2016-2017. The matter was shown in the Pakistani media. The video of that broadcast has now gone viral. Even then, other Indian media outlets, including G-Media, covered the case of Imtiaz Rashid Qureshi.

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