Asia Cup 2022 Hockey: Incredible win! Team India defeated Indonesia 16-0 in the Super Four

Asia Cup 2022 Hockey: অবিশ্বাস্য জয়! ইন্দোনেশিয়াকে ১৬-০ গোলে হারিয়ে সুপার ফোরে Team India

Own report: India wins Asia Cup Hockey against Indonesia (Indian Hockey). And with that, Birendra Lakra’s team took place in the Super Four. Team India won bronze at the Tokyo Olympics with an incredible 18-0 victory. And with that the Indian hockey team took place in the knockout. India will once again play against Japan in the Super Four on May 26.

On the other hand, Pakistan dropped out of the competition. India drew 1-1 against Pakistan in their first match of the tournament. The next match was against Japan 5-2. However, Pakistan lost 3-2 to Japan on that day. So India had to win 15-0 to go to the knock-out. In the end, India achieved that goal by defeating their opponents 18-0.

On this day, India went ahead with the field goal of Pawan in the 11th minute of the match. Pawan Rajbhar scored the second goal for India in the 12th minute. Uttam Singh scored India’s third goal in the 14th minute. At the end of the first quarter, India was leading 3-0. In the 18th minute, SV Sunil gave India a 4-0 lead from the penalty corner. In the very next minute, Sanjeev made it 5-0 for India from the penalty corner. Sunil scored his second goal to make it 6-0 for India. At the end of the second quarter, the score for India was 6-0.

Karti Selvam made it 6-0 for India. In the 41st minute, Deepshan Tirke scored his first goal of the match and his eighth goal for India. Tirke scored his ninth and second goal for India in the very next minute. Abraham Sudeb scored the 10th goal for India. At the end of the third quarter, India was leading by 10 goals.

Abraham Sudeb scored his second and 11th goal for India in the 47th minute. Tirke completed his hat-trick with the 12th goal for India. Pawan Rajvar scored his 13th goal for India after completing his hat trick. Karti Selvam scored his 14th goal for India, scoring his second goal of the match. Deepshan Tirke then secured a ticket to the next round by scoring his fourth and fifth goals in the match to give India a 16-0 victory.

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