Astrological Remedies to Get Children: Being afflicted by Jupiter comes in the way of getting child happiness. Astrological Remedies for Childbirth: guru upay for getting baby soon | Patrika News


The fifth house in the horoscope represents the child and its related causative elements. On the other hand, the lord of the fifth house shows the deeds related to children in your life. If the fifth house, fifth house and Jupiter are affected by the malefic effects of malefic planets, then there is a possibility of delay in the happiness of children. For example, due to the evil effect of Saturn, there can be a hindrance in getting a child or lack of it. The malefic effects of Mars and Ketu can cause physical pain. Sixth lord, eighth lord and dwadesh can also create obstacles in the attainment of a child. If the Guru is debilitated or weak in the horoscope, then there may be a lack of child happiness.

Astrological remedies for getting children:
If Panchmesh is afflicted in the Ascendant Kundli, then worship him.
Worship Jupiter with a sincere heart, who wish to have children. Because even if the Guru is weak, one cannot get the happiness of a child. To strengthen Jupiter, donate jaggery on Thursday. Along with this, distribute jaggery among the poor on Thursday.
Chant the mantras of the Guru-
Devanam cha rishanam cha gurum kanchansannibham. Buddhibhutam Trilokesham Tan Namami Brihastam.
Om Grand Green Gram Sah Gurve Namah. Hi Gurve Namah. Brihaspataye Namah.
Make peace for the Navagrahas. By doing this the bad effects of all the planets will be removed and due to which positivity will increase in life.

To pacify Rahu, chant these mantras:
-Om Bhram Bhram Bhron Sa: Rahve Namah
Ardhakayam Mahaviryam Chandradityavimardanam. Simhikagarbhasambhutam tam rahu pranamayam. To pacify Ketu, chant these mantras:
-Om Stree Streem Sraum Sah Ketve Namah
-Palashpushpasankasam tarakagrahamastakam. Raudram roudratakam ghoram tan ketum pranamamaiham.

Santan Gopal Puja: It is considered one of the best ways to get a child. According to religious beliefs, Bal Gopal is the childhood form of Lord Krishna. It is said that the couple who worships him with a sincere heart, their lap gets filled soon. Santan Gopal Mantra-
‘Om Shri Hreem Clean Glam Devakisut Govind Vasudeva Jagatpate Dehi Mein Tanayam Krishna Tvamaham Sharanam Gatha.’

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From saving from accidental death, it also brings success and prosperity in life, this Rudraksha is also very dear to Bholenath.

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