Big decision regarding Covishield and Covaccine, government announced this for sale


New Delhi: Today on Thursday, the central government has taken a big decision regarding the ongoing vaccination campaign against the corona epidemic in the country. DCGI said that private clinics and hospitals will be able to buy the most used Covaccine and Kavishield Vaccine in the country. Vaccines will not be sold at medical stores. Some rules have also been fixed regarding the sale of vaccine.

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Government’s burden will be reduced by the decision

The government can get some relief from this decision regarding the vaccine. Some people have described this decision as important for the ongoing campaign against Kovid. After increasing the access of vaccine to private hospitals and clinics, the burden of government machinery and employees associated with the vaccination campaign will definitely decrease.

Changes made to this rule

Explain that for emergency use of vaccine, safety data has to be given to DCGI within 15 days in authorization. Now this time period has been increased to 6 months. Also, this information will also have to be given on Covin.

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US-UK have already given vaccine conditional market approval

Earlier, the US and UK had given conditional market approval for the corona vaccine. Pfizer in the US and AstraZeneca in the UK have already received conditional market approval.

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