Bihar Caste Politics: Tejashwi Yadav’s eyes on Bhumihar vote on the pretext of Bihar Kesari Shri Krishna Singh, understand the meaning of attendance in Sheikhpura

Bihar Caste Politics: Tejashwi Yadav's eyes on Bhumihar vote on the pretext of Bihar Kesari Shri Krishna Singh, understand the meaning of attendance in Sheikhpura
Tejashwi Yadav was attending in Sheikhpura district just before Lalu’s arrival in Patna on Sunday. The occasion was to organize a program on the 134th birth anniversary of Bihar Kesari Shri Krishna Singh. Why did Tejashwi attend Sheikhpura, why suddenly Lalu’s favorite son remembered Shri Babu, the equation behind it is also great.

Tejashwi’s eyes on Bhumihar voters on the pretext of Shri Babu
In the 90s, a purported statement of Lalu was heard a lot… ‘Save the brown hair’. In this, the first thing was said about Bhoo i.e. Bhumihar. That caste – the society to which Shri Babu himself belonged. Since that time, the Bhumihar vote bank has been eroded from the RJD and the Congress, which was taken by the BJP after seeing the opportunity. In such a situation, the meaning of Tejashwi’s attendance in Sheikhpura is very clear. On the pretext of Shri Babu, his eyes are on the Bhumihar vote bank.

Why Bhumihar vote bank suddenly became special
Now the question is that under the rule of RJD, Bhumihar caste and voters were kept on the margins. Under which RJD-Congress rule there were massacres in Bhumihar caste villages (Bara, Senari and others). The vote bank which Lalu himself did not give any preference. Why has the same vote bank suddenly become special for Tejashwi Yadav. To know the reason for this, you have to go into a little flashback before the 2020 elections. You can read this flashback by clicking here.
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Understand Tejashwi’s political game
When Tejashwi reached Sheikhpura on Sunday, he first garlanded the life-size statue of Shri Babu at Hatia Chowk in Barbigha. After which Leader of Opposition Tejashwi Yadav reached the meeting place at SR College, where he lashed out at the central government and the double engine government of Bihar. The speech was on inflation and other issues but Tejashwi left no stone unturned to show that RJD has changed a lot and now it has no qualms against Bhumihar caste.

Tejashwi’s bet is not just like that
Before the 2020 Bihar assembly elections, if you remember the 2015 assembly elections, you will find that the Congress bet on the most Bhumihar faces and these faces got a bumper victory from Bikram in Patna to Begusarai. Tejashwi also remembers this, he knows very well that this vote bank is angry with both the ruling BJP and JDU due to its neglect. That is, overall these voters are again standing at the crossroads like in 1990. In such a situation, the one who wins their trust will also get their vote bank.
Lalu Yadav will rally in Tarapur and Kusheshwarsthan on October 27, Nitish Kumar’s campaign begins
How successful will Tejashwi’s efforts be
The question of lakhs is that how successful will Tejashwi’s attempt to woo the Bhumihar vote bank be. Tejashwi cannot change the history of his party, but to change the future, he is playing the stake of building the party with every caste which the RJD itself has marginalized during its rule. This biggest stain is the obstacle in the path of Tejashwi.

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