Bihar News: Bihar woman gave birth to 5 children, three girls and two boys

Bihar News: Bihar woman gave birth to 5 children, three girls and two boys
Deenbandhu Singh, Siwan
Phool Jahan Khatoon, wife of Mo Jhuna, a resident of Ismail Shaheed Takia, Siwan, has given birth to 5 children together. This is the first such case in Siwan’s Sadar Hospital. After getting information about the matter, many people are reaching the hospital to see the children. The doctors told that the children are underweight. He has been kept in the NICU ward for special care. But the kids are perfectly fine. Wherever the mother of the children, Phool, is healthy.

gave birth to 2 boys and 3 girls
Jhuna and Phool Jahan already have a 4-year-old daughter. After that a son was wanted. On Thursday, Dr. Rita Sinha of Sadar Hospital did the operation. Phool Jahan gave birth to 5 children. There are two boys and three girls in it. Jhuna’s family is financially weak. He supports his family by working as a laborer. There is a lot of celebration in the family after the birth of the children. People are calling it the mercy of God.

Woman gives birth to four children in Hyderabad
This is not the first case of giving birth to more than one child. A woman gave birth to four children in Hyderabad. The age of the woman is 27 years. This is really shocking news. The doctor who delivered the woman says that the woman has given birth to a boy and three girls and the weight of the newborn is more than one kilogram.

woman gave birth to five children in siwan

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