Bihar News : That ‘Bhat-dal’ on a banana leaf and ‘Varkari’ in a jute plate, the era of the past golden age will return as soon as plastic is gone in Bihar

Bihar News : That 'Bhat-dal' on a banana leaf and 'Varkari' in a jute plate, the era of the past golden age will return as soon as plastic is gone in Bihar
In Bihar, corn husks, banana leaves and jute will soon replace plates, cups, glasses, bags and cutlery such as forks, spoons and knives, straws and trays made of plastic and polystyrene (thermocol) as the government has implemented it. has decided. A complete ban on single-use plastic items and thermocol products will be implemented in Bihar from July 1, 2022.

industry department plan
The state industries department has decided to promote eco-friendly products like corn husks, banana leaves and jute instead of plastic bags and thermocol products. This will reduce toxic plastic pollution and will also help in dealing with the ever-increasing waste.
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Plastic alternatives will be sold in Khadi Mall
Bihar State Khadi Village Industries Board Chief Executive Officer Ashok Kumar said Khadi Mall Khadi, Bihar Museum and other units of Bihar Emporium in Patna will start selling cutlery made of corn husks and banana leaves and jute sacks from January next year. According to him, “These biodegradable products are the best alternative to items made of plastic and thermocol. After the ban, the demand for eco-friendly products will increase.
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Preparation of plastic-thermocol alternative intensified
According to Ashok Kumar, Minister Syed Shahnawaz Hussain has asked the officials concerned to market and sell products made from corn husks, banana leaves and jute among other eco-friendly products that can be alternatives to plastics and thermocol. For this, the department will provide technical as well as financial assistance to the entrepreneurs manufacturing biodegradable products.
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In this episode, during a state level competition organized by Upendra Maharathi Crafts Research Institute (UMSAS), Naaz Ozair, an entrepreneur from Muzaffarpur, made beautiful cutlery like plates, cups, glasses, spoons, trays and tricolors using sweet corn husks. Naaz and his team are selling these products in other states including Gujarat, Delhi, Maharashtra and West Bengal.

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