Blood cancer to Russian President Vladimir Putin, businessman close to him said – I wish Putin died of cancer. Russian President Vladimir Putin is very ill with blood cancer | Patrika News


American magazine New Lines has recovered a recording of a conversation between an industrialist close to Russian President Putin and his colleague living in the western country. In which industrialists close to Putin are heard saying that Vladimir Putin has blood cancer. Due to which he is seriously ill. Although this recording is from the month of March only.

Russian businessman told Putin crazy:
The businessman said in the recording that Vladimir Putin had a surgery shortly before Russian troops were ordered to invade Ukraine. In the recording, the businessman is heard criticizing Putin for ruining the Russian and Ukrainian economies. In the recording, the said businessman is heard saying about Putin that the problem is in his mind. A madman can turn the world upside down. We all hope that he dies of his illness.

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Putin was seen covering himself with a blanket on the day of the Victory Parade:
Rumors of Putin’s illness have been spreading since the start of the Russo-Ukraine war. Putin was seen covering himself with a blanket on the day of Russia’s victory parade on May 9. Apart from this, during the meetings, pictures of Putin sitting apart from other politicians at the long table came to the fore. Which has fueled speculations about his deteriorating health.

Kremlin denies Putin’s illness
Although the Kremlin, the headquarters of the Russian government, has denied the Russian president’s illness. The Kremlin insisted that Vladimir Putin was fine and that the use of long tables during the meeting was only a corona-related precaution. Putin is facing international condemnation for ordering an invasion of Ukraine.

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Thousands of deaths so far in the Russo-Ukraine War:
The Russo-Ukraine war that began on February 24 has so far left thousands dead and more than 6.1 million fleeing Ukraine. Many cities in Ukraine have been destroyed by Russian attacks. There have been many attempts to stop this war from the international level. But so far no success. On the other hand, the Ukrainian court has started hearing in the registered cases related to this war. On Friday, a Ukrainian court held a preliminary hearing in the murder of a 62-year-old civilian by a Russian soldier, Reuters news agency reported.

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