Bochaha Result: Why did Bhumihars give up on BJP in Bochaha? will be shaken knowing the game

 Bochaha Result: Why did Bhumihars give up on BJP in Bochaha?  will be shaken knowing the game
Muzaffarpur/Patna: In the by-election of Bochahan assembly, BJP did not expect even in its dreams that its strong candidate Baby Kumari would lose like this. The baby kumari who once stood as an independent after being cut from the BJP got this seat in her account even in the storm of the Grand Alliance. After all, baby or rather, what is the reason behind BJP’s defeat in Bochahan? In return, you will get the same answer from all sides that the real game is that of BJP’s vote bank which has become costly to bypass. This is the vote bank that stood firmly with the BJP for two decades. But in the recent few years, the voters of this caste were marginalized by the BJP, but it also forgot that it was these voters who brought it to power in the state… Bhumihar-Brahmin. This vote bank showered so much love on RJD candidate Amar Paswan that the victory fell in lap.

Bhumihar voters got the soil of BJP done in Bochahan
You will think that how can voters of only one caste get the soil of BJP raised in Bochahan? Even no candidate of this caste stood in Bochan because it is a safe seat. Then how did this happen? So understand that its basis started being laid since the 2019 Lok Sabha elections were to be held. This section had become extremely annoyed by the low share of seats. The situation was such that the front was opened inside the party. In the end, two strong leaders of this caste, CP Thakur and Satchidanand Rai, were introduced to Amit Shah by a chartered flight.
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BJP gave indications in 2020 also
But exactly a year later, when the BJP returned to power, it showed in the glimpse of the cabinet that it would give only ‘symbolic representation’ to the Bhumihars in the cabinet. This was done by making Jeevesh Mishra a minister. But here also a game was played, this representation also went to Mithilanchal’s account. Well, BJP has expressed to a great extent during this time that it now needs new equations. Because where will Bhumihar voters go? But after this the BJP’s game has finally blown up its vote bank.
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‘Bhumihar’ furious with BJP in MLC elections
In the MLC elections held this year, BJP cut the ticket of its strong Bhumihar leader Satchidanand Rai. After this, Satchidanand Rai defeated the independent BJP candidate from Saran seat and won. But this victory sent two messages at once, the first is that if the Bhumihar vote bank gets shifted to one side, then the path of BJP is difficult. The second message is that what happened in Saran is also possible in Bochan. This is where the game started.
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Why did RJD get Bhumihar votes?
Now the question is, why Bhumihar voters who played a decisive role in Bochana leaned towards RJD, why did they not opt ​​for NOTA or Independent? To understand the answer, you just have to go back a bit. In the MLC elections of 2022, when BJP was cutting the ticket of Bhumihar leader, RJD bet on Bhumihars only and the matter was of benefit. After this Tejashwi left no stone unturned to show that now RJD has changed and he likes the association of ‘brown hair’. This decision of Tejashwi was taken by the voters of this caste, after which the decisive Bhumihar voters in Bochahan seat gave such a blow to the BJP that it will continue to shake for many days and months to come.

Note- RJD candidate Amar Paswan was leading over BJP’s Baby Kumari by 18494 votes in Bochahan till the time of writing this news.

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