Body snatcher who lived with bodies of girls dressed as dolls to be FREE

Body snatcher who lived with bodies of girls dressed as dolls to be FREE

A TWISTED body snatcher who lived with the mummified corpses of 29 girls he dressed up as dolls is set to be freed.

Anatoly Moskvin, 55, turned the dead children into “dolls”, dressing them in stockings, clothes and knee length boots.


Anatoly Moskvin in court with his girlfriendCredit: East2West
One of the 29 dolls found in Moskvin's flat


One of the 29 dolls found in Moskvin’s flatCredit: East2West
Moskvin dressed the corpses in stockings, clothes and knee length boots


Moskvin dressed the corpses in stockings, clothes and knee length bootsCredit: East2West

He applied lipstick and make-up to their faces. 

The highly-educated bodysnatcher – an expert on cemeteries and former military intelligence translator – marked the birthday of each of his dead victims in his bedroom in chilling rituals.

Until now, courts have repeatedly refused to release him, but psychiatric medics are now reported to insist there is no medical reason to keep him in secure accommodation. 

Parents of the dead children have pleaded he remain locked up for life, fearing he’ll return to his sinister old habit which saw him living with some children’s remains for up to ten years. 

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But multiple reports say Moskvin may get a new diagnosis that could end his 10-year incarceration in a special hospital.

That will see the historian categorised as “incapacitated” which means he could live with friends or relatives or in a care institution which does not lock him up, they say.

Moskvin told authorities he wants to marry his girlfriend and work as a foreign languages tutor. 

He has consistently refused to apologise to the families of his victims.

The move to recommend freeing him in Nizhny Novgorod has been met by incredulity. 

The corpse of murder victim Olga Chardymova, aged ten, was one of the 29 he dug up and turned into mummified dolls, some with music boxes wedged in their chests. 

Her mother Natalia Chardymova, 50, did not realise that on her regular visits to her daughter’s graveside, the coffin was empty because Moskvin had stolen Olga’s corpse for his sick collection.

“This latest news about releasing him is certainly not good,” said Naltalia.

“I am also very afraid that he will go back to his old ways. I have no faith in his recovery. He’s a fanatic. 

“And it will be very hard for us, God forbid, to go through those events one more time – exhumation and reburial – if he again finds the place she was reburied. 

“My health is failing me, and I don’t think I can face this. I do not want tragic events. Life is tough anyway now.”

She has consistently opposed his release and said “this creature brought fear, terror and panic into my life” with his “grotesque” abuse of the dead children.

“I would be happy to know he will spend his life in the hospital,” she said.

Online commenter Anna Perova said: “I’m shocked if they release him.”

“His doctors [making the new diagnoses] can’t all be idiots to release him,” said Dmitry Kharitonov.

Lyubov Pautova also mocked the move.

“Let’s release all mad people and be afraid. Society needs them so much,” she said.

“There are plenty of people on the run who we still need to catch. And here is one we caught who is to be released.”

The grave robber has refused to apologise to the victims, saying in 2020: “These girls are girls. There are no parents in my view. I don’t know any of them.

“Besides, they buried their daughters, and this is where I believe their rights over them finished…

“So no, I would not apologise.”

Earlier he told the parents: “You abandoned your girls in the cold – and I brought them home and warmed them up.”

Moskvin was detained in 2011, and confessed to 44 counts of abusing graves of girls aged three to 12.

In Soviet times, he worked as a translator for military intelligence in the Red Army, and later wrote several history books. 

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His mother Elvira, 83, said: “We saw these dolls but we did not suspect there were dead bodies inside. We thought it was his hobby to make such big dolls and did not see anything wrong with it.”

She claimed after a 2020 decision against releasing him that the court was biased against her son who was “not able to be in society, work, or get married”.

Moskvin has refused to apologise to the parents of his victims


Moskvin has refused to apologise to the parents of his victimsCredit: East2West
Moskvin's mother said she had no idea what he was doing


Moskvin’s mother said she had no idea what he was doingCredit: East2west News

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