Burdwan: Wearing Helmet-Mask Matches Poster Packets, Road Safety and Corona Awareness

Burdwan: হেলমেট-মাস্ক পরলেই মিলছে পোস্তর প্যাকেট, পথ নিরাপত্তা ও করোনা সচেতনতায় অভিনব উদ্যোগ

Own report: The mask disappears from the faces of many just to cut the fear of corona. The administration is not able to explain to the common people in any way that the third wave of corona may be lurking. This time a strange initiative was launched to raise awareness in the Curzon Gate area of ​​Burdwan city.

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Palla Road Pallimangal Samiti of East Burdwan handed over poppies to pedestrians wearing helmets and masks at Curzon Gate on Monday. The members of the association handed over 50 gram poster packets to the helmeted bike riders and masked pedestrians.

But why such an initiative? Entrepreneurs said that the way poppy prices are constantly rising, poppy is now a matter of practice. Poppy is being sold in the market at the rate of 2500 to 3000 rupees per kg. This is an initiative if some people can be given some relief. With the promotion of awareness.

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Sandeepan Sarkar, secretary of the Palla Road Pallimangal Samiti, said the initiative was to make bike riders more aware, as everyone uses a mask to prevent cavities with a helmet while riding a bike. Besides, bike riders are happy to get free poppy in their hands at this expensive market.

The bike riders who received poppy in their hands applauded this innovative initiative at a time when the price of posters skyrocketed.

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