Canada: Woman’s luxury car submerged in ice river, selfie started seeing ‘death’ in front

Canada: Woman's luxury car submerged in ice river, selfie started seeing 'death' in front


  • Woman’s speeding car drowned in frozen river in Canada
  • Woman driver took selfie by climbing on top of sinking car
  • Canadian police warn people to stay away from icy rivers

Toronto : A woman’s car got stuck in a frozen river and started sinking. But before her car was completely submerged, the woman somehow managed to climb on top of the car and take a selfie of this accident. The female driver has been charged by Canadian police for dangerous driving. In the picture that came in the news, the woman is seen standing on top of her yellow car and taking a selfie.

His car slammed into the Rideau River in Manotica, Ottawa. According to the report of The Mirror, when the woman standing on top of a drowning car in the icy river was taking selfies with pleasure, the local people present nearby were scrambling to save her. In the end, he was saved from drowning in a huge hole in the river with the help of a boat tied with a rope. By the time the boat reached the woman, her car was almost completely submerged and only her roof was visible.
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Dangerous to walk on snow for sightseeing
According to the report, the car is still submerged there. Officials have warned that walking in the snow for a walk can be dangerous. According to people who shared the video of this accident on social media, at one point the female driver said, ‘Oh.. I think I can walk on this.’ An eyewitness said on Twitter that he saw the woman pass behind him at a very high speed.

Cars often run on the river in Canada
He was not surprised at all when he saw that the woman’s car was getting stuck in the snow and drowning. In a video shared on social media, the car can be seen speeding up on the frozen river. However, it is not clear whether the accident happened due to the car slipping or speeding. The woman has been charged by the police but driving on snow is not illegal in Canada as such conditions often arise in winter.

Canada’s temperature in winter is -19 °C
Police said that this part of the river is very thin compared to other areas. Snow conditions can be unpredictable at this time of year. The Ottawa Police Service advises residents to stay away from snow. Canada is currently facing a terrible winter. Canada recorded a maximum temperature of -11 degrees Celsius and a minimum temperature of -19 degrees Celsius on Thursday.

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