Chanakya Niti: People of this tendency are more dangerous than animals, beware of them. Chanakya Niti: Stay Away From These People Otherwise You Will Regret | Patrika News


1. Angry Person: Anger hollows a man from within. In anger, a person forgets whether the work he is doing is right or wrong. According to Chanakya Niti, you should keep distance from angry person because these people can harm you in their anger and can create trouble for you.

2. Selfish Person: According to Acharya Chanakya, a selfish person can never do good to anyone, so you should stay away from these people. Selfish people think only of themselves and can put you at risk for their own well being. You can’t get anything from selfish people except deception.

3. The person doing the high magnification: Acharya Chanakya also advises to keep distance from such people who praise you more on your face. These people take advantage of you by praising and flattering you. They do evil to you behind their backs. That’s why people who talk softly cannot be your well-wishers.

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