Chennai: A lioness and five ostriches killed in Vandalur zoo

Chennai: वंडलूर चिडियाघर में एक शेरनी और पांच शुतुरमुर्ग की मौत

– Waiting for the test report to the officials


A lioness and five ostriches died at the zoo at Arignar Anna Zoological Park (AAZP) in Vandalur near Chennai, where a 19-year-old lioness died on October 26, while five ostriches died on October 26, an AAZP statement said. Died in October. It said that the lioness named Kavita died on October 26 due to old age and old age-related issues.

After the death of five ostriches, zoo officials are monitoring their captive birds and some of them are not in good condition. Zoo officials say five ostriches suddenly died on October 27. The zoo was home to 32 ostriches, out of which 5 have succumbed to an unknown disease so far. According to the director of the zoo, in-house veterinarians and teams from Tamil Nadu Veterinary and Animal Sciences University were present during the postmortem of the birds and they also administered treatment to the remaining ostriches to prevent its spread. Samples of bacteriology, virology and toxicology are also being tested.

Officials have ruled out the possibility of infection of a chicken on the basis of blood smear and organ impression procedures done on Wednesday. Officials said other birds are under observation and are being monitored continuously. A 19-year-old lioness had died in the zoo on Tuesday due to old age, following which the postmortem was conducted by the authorities. The Vandalur Zoo has 2400 animals belonging to 180 species.

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