China Taiwan Tension: China is upgrading three airbases near Taiwan, is there any final preparation for the attack?

China Taiwan Tension: China is upgrading three airbases near Taiwan, is there any final preparation for the attack?
China has started upgrading its three airbases near Taiwan. After the ongoing tension in both the countries and Xi Jinping’s statement, now it seems that China should not attack Taiwan in any way. The work of upgrading these three airbases on the mainland of China, right in front of Taiwan, was started in 2020 amid the Corona epidemic. At that time the whole world was busy protecting the people of their respective countries from Corona and China was playing a different trick.

These airbases are 160 to 220 km away from Taiwan
The three Chinese Air Force bases are located in Longtian, Huan and Zhangzhou. The distance of all these is between 160 to 220 kilometers from Taiwan. In such a situation, it will take only a few minutes for Chinese fighter planes to fly from these airbases to reach Taiwan. In such a short time, the Taiwanese air defense may also face trouble in retaliate. Through these airbases, China also aims to further strengthen its presence in the Taiwan Strait.

China upgrading these 3 airbases (pic-the drive)

China is building an anti-blast bunker at the airbase
Satellite images have shown that China is building an anti-blast bunker at Longtian Airbase. Apart from this, the Chinese Air Force has also expanded both ends of the runway along with the new apron here. In such a situation, this airbase can play a big role in conducting various types of missions of the Chinese Air Force in the coming days. Four blastproof hangars are seen being built at one end of this airbase. Apart from this, many other safety shelters have also been constructed at the airbase.

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Extended runway and upgrading apron
At the same time, three storage bunkers have been constructed at Hunan Airbase. Apart from this, the runway has been extended on the lines of Longtian Airbase and the work of expansion of the apron is going on. Administrative building and possible barracks are also being constructed at this airbase. The upgraded aprons at both the airbases suggest that China may increase the deployment of fighter jets in the coming days. In such a situation, these fighter aircraft will be able to increase China’s air strike capability in the ongoing tension with Taiwan.

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This preparation is to avoid Taiwan’s retaliation
Interestingly, four blastproof aircraft shelters are also being constructed at this airbase. These shelters will be in addition to the already existing 24 normal shelters, which are already being used here. China’s intention behind making them blastproof is to avoid possible retaliation from Taiwan. These can also be particularly useful for supporting alert operations.

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Also building missile defense site
The Surface to Air Missile Defense Site is being constructed at Zhangzhou Airbase. China wants to make preparations for the security of its air border through this air defense site. It is not yet clear which of its missile systems China will deploy at this site. It is expected that it can deploy HQ-9B, HQ-17AE or Lvoy-60.

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