China’s military exercises nuclear, chemical, biological warfare: Report

চিনের বাহিনীর বিশেষ মহড়া। (REUTERS/FILE) (HT_PRINT)

Soldiers from China’s People’s Liberation Army have been seen training in anti-nuclear, chemical and biological warfare. The picture of this chemical warfare exercise with commandos, armed forces personnel has come to the fore. The exercise is believed to have taken place under the Tibetan Military Region under Western Theater Command. This picture came to the fore only when the conflict with India over the border was evident. It is claimed that the exercise lasted for 24 hours at the end of November. This news has come to the fore on PLA news portal.

Meanwhile, China’s official military media does not usually report on exercises with the armed forces and unconventional weapons. In that report, the matter of drill has been mentioned briefly. However, nothing has been said about the exact location of the exercise. As mentioned, a joint military brigade has been trained under the Tibet Military Area Command. The exercise took place in late November on a snow-covered plateau. As mentioned in the headline, this is a synthetic brigade exercise. The commanding officer also warned of nuclear, biological and chemical attacks. As mentioned, Lee Kunfing, commander of the 3rd Battalion, went through the poison zone after the gas mask. He then went to the command post and reported the situation. The question is, what exactly is China trying to convey through this exercise?

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