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Chinese scientist Wang Yaping recently took some photos in space. This photo is becoming very viral on social media. It is being told that this photo was taken on November 18 last. Wang Yafing pulled it from the Chinese space station.

The blue earth, snow-capped mountains and a sea of ​​clouds can be seen in the photo. In fact, Chinese astronauts from the Shanzhou No. 5 mission in 2003 turned the lens toward the human-like home-earth since they first went into space. Astronaut Yang Liwei later recalled that our earth is very beautiful when seen from space.

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During the Shanzhou No.-6 mission in 2005, Chinese astronauts Fei Zwunlung and Nye Haishen also captured beautiful views of Earth from digital video in their hands. Digital video was a popular shooting tool back then. In 2021, Chinese astronauts can see Earth in their space station. At the same time, with the improvement and advancement of digital products and the backhaul of the Space-Earth communication network, we can enjoy the high-definition beauty of Earth synchronously with astronauts’ perspectives on Earth.

Earlier, visuals of Chinese astronauts doing the martial art of Thai chi came to the fore. It is said to be the Thai Chi played at the highest level. Let us tell you that doing Thai Chee in space has started with Shancho No.-9 mission. He has become a traditional sporting method for Chinese astronauts. On June 26, 2012, during the Shanzhou No.-9 mission, China’s first female astronaut, Liu Yang, showed the Chinese martial art Thai Chi to the world for the first time in space at the Tiankung No.-1 Space Laboratory.

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Astronauts are at risk of osteoporosis in the event of weightlessness in space. Thai Chee can effectively stimulate the bones and muscle fibers and effectively prevent the symptoms of osteoporosis. In addition, doing Thai Chee is also beneficial for astronauts to restore normal gait, body balance, posture control, psychological adjustment and enhance immunity. Sports such as hand cycling, fancy rally, space table tennis, special exercises to hold a water bag on a treadmill are also favorite ways of astronauts.

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