Chinese soldiers pelted stones on Vietnamese people along the border with Ha Giang province

Chinese soldiers pelted stones on Vietnamese people along the border with Ha Giang province

New Delhi: Social media in Vietnam has been flooded with anti-China remarks after Chinese officials recently blocked Vietnamese trucks carrying perishable agricultural goods that blocked border ports.

Recently a video (January 3) was seen on the Twitter account of Li An Quan ( in which Chinese soldiers pelted stones at Vietnamese construction workers and died in Ha Jiang province. Unarmed workers were seen abusing.

A popular vernacular blog (https://www.nguoi-viet-com/vietnam) banned by the Vietnamese government for anti-China posts, citing the tweet and recalling the 1979 Sino-Vietnam War Posted an article (January 4).

Below is a Google translation of the article:

Author Li An Quan released a video clip on January 3, 2022 of a group of Chinese soldiers pelting stones towards Vietnam, where China has built a barbed wire fence to separate the border.

The Vietnamese side did not see any soldiers, but only a few workers carrying stones in trucks. They were engaged in building embankments along the riverbank in the northern Ha Qiang province bordering China.

Author Lee An Quan wrote a caption on the video clip, Chinese soldiers shouting and pelting stones at Vietnamese people on the Vietnam-China border. Civilian workers are building embankments on Vietnamese land to protect the river bank to prevent erosion when the river is low.

British journalist Bill Heaton commented: Apparently something is happening on the border between Vietnam and China. (Thousands) of trucks got stuck (at the border) and now this is happening with the world… Heaton also commented: I think the Chinese side is rehearsing for a confrontation with the shield.

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