Christmas and New Year gifts, the number of metros is going to increase, when?

কলকাতা মেট্রো। (ছবিটি প্রতীকী, সৌজন্য এএনআই)

The metropolis has started to look like the center of Christmas. The bakeries in the city are busy making Christmas cakes. Starting from Allen Park, Park Street is lit up with colorful lights. And in the meantime, Metro is going to give gifts to the passengers at Christmas. Authorities are planning to increase the number of metros from next Saturday. Which is an extra debt to the passengers at Christmas.

So far, 262 metro services were being provided daily from Monday to Friday. It has been increased to 2 more pairs from next Monday. In other words, 26 metros will run from next Monday. Of which 163 will run from poet Subhash to Dakshineswar. Metro will be available five minutes apart. No changes were made to the first metro in the morning and the last metro at night.

Authorities are predicting an increase in the number of passengers on the metro around Christmas on Saturday. That’s why the metro has been increased by 10 every Saturday since Christmas. Until now, 220 metros were run on Saturdays. It has been informed that 230 metros will run every Saturday from Christmas. From now on, metro service will be available after 7 minutes on Saturday. The number of passengers in the relevant metro has increased more than before. In this situation, the number of metros has been increased again to reduce the passenger pressure.

According to the Metro, the Metro will run in large numbers during office hours, especially in the morning and evening due to high passenger pressure. The last metro from Dumdum to Poet Subhash and from Poet Subhash to Dakshineswar will leave at 9.30 am. On the other hand, there has been no change in East West Metro services.

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