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Service of birds, arrangement of fodder and water with the help of government on the death of wife
They tie pots on trees, fill water daily


Updated: April 07, 2022 06:33:32 pm

Mumbai, The struggle for water has increased amidst the rising mercury. Humans are quenching their thirst, but it is not easy for animals and birds. Mehboob uncle, a resident of Latur, Maharashtra, is doing a commendable job. They are arranging fodder and water for the helpless birds. He also motivates the people who came in contact to plant trees for environmental protection and serve the birds. He is recognized as a bird lover in the area. His wife Mehrunnisa died of Corona. 50 thousand rupees relief amount was received from the government. Mehboob uncle will arrange food and water for the birds with this amount. Will spend on the treatment of injured birds. He has a tempo, with the earnings of which the family survives. He said that if we fill the stomachs of these voiceless, then the one above will have mercy on us.

Commendable initiative of Mehboob uncle of Latur

arrangement on tree
There are many trees around the bird friend’s house. Fodder and water are kept for the birds in earthen pots tied with ropes on them. Out of the relief amount received from the government, he has bought earthen pots for 24 thousand rupees. 10 thousand for the maintenance of trees and 16 thousand rupees for the treatment of injured birds. They give free earthen pots to bird lovers. 10 thousand rupees

innocent our guests
Outside Mehboob uncle’s house, a message is written – These innocent birds are our guests. They are no one’s enemy. They just come in search of fodder and water. He is the lover of our mercy. Do not kill or drive away, but keep some fodder and water for them in the courtyard of the house.

treatment of the injured
He told that sometimes birds get injured. Sometimes in a mutual fight and sometimes due to human reasons, they get injured. Like us, they also suffer. Can’t speak, but tears also fall from his eyes. If a bird is injured, then arrange for its care and treatment. When they are fine, release them again.


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