Congress leader Imran Masood, very close to Rahul-Priyanka, will join the SP! West UP has special status

 Congress leader Imran Masood, very close to Rahul-Priyanka, will join the SP!  West UP has special status
Abhay Singh Rathore, Lucknow
To decide the path of the country’s politics, ‘UP’ is the ladder, which proves to be very helpful in reaching the destination of Delhi, which is why all the political parties are full force in the 2022 assembly elections of Uttar Pradesh, which is considered to be the semifinals of 2024. They are busy. Samajwadi Party chief Akhilesh Yadav is also brainstorming deeply on every political-caste equation to return to power. At the same time, Congress leader Imran Masood, very close to Rahul-Priyanka, may soon ride on SP’s cycle.

BJP has a direct fight with SP: Imran
Congress National Secretary Imran Masood, who belongs to Saharanpur district of the state, has been in discussion for a long time due to his statements. Now he has made it very clear with one of his statements that he can break all ties with Congress and return home to SP. Imran has said in a statement that the current political situation shows that there is a direct fight between BJP and Samajwadi Party in UP, I will hold a meeting with my supporters tomorrow and then ask Akhilesh ji for time. After his statement, it has been decided that he will join SP’s cycle to overthrow BJP from power.

Both leaders need each other
Recently, in the last few elections, Congress leader Imran Masood has not been able to show anything special, so he too is planning a long time before going to SP, he has been giving statements from time to time about this. At the same time, the Samajwadi Party is also going to contest the elections in the absence of strong leader Azam Khan. Because of this SP was also looking for a big Muslim leader. Although Imran Masood’s stature is not as big as SP’s Azam Khan, but Imran Masood also holds a good hold on many seats in western UP. Because of this, the search of both can be completed somewhere.

Jat-Muslim will cross ‘Akhilesh’ fleet
According to the information, there are 136 assembly seats in about 26 districts in Western UP, in which many districts including Meerut, Saharanpur, Moradabad, Bareilly, Agra come. At the same time, in western UP, about 20 percent are Jats and 30 to 40 percent are Muslims. Coming together with these two, the victory in more than 50 seats is almost certain. At the same time, talking about 2017, the BJP got 109 seats out of a record 136, while Akhilesh Yadav got only 20 seats. In order to penetrate this fort, the SP has already entered into an alliance with RLD’s national president Jayant Choudhary, just the matter has been decided on the seats. At the same time, coming with Imran Masood is believed to be a problem for BJP.

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