Covid-19: Lotus test, half covid infected in one push in Kolkata

Covid-19: কমল পরীক্ষা, কলকাতায় এক ধাক্কায় অর্ধেক কোভিড আক্রান্ত

Own report: Daily covid infection in the lotus state than the previous day. However, it is not clear how much relief. Because the sample test is much less. Increased infection rate. The number of lotus infestations in Kolkata is half that of Wednesday.

According to the statistics provided by the health department, 17,116 people have been tested in the last 24 hours. Of these, 530 are affected by corona. As a result, the test has been much less. The infection rate has increased to 2.84 percent. Infection in Kolkata has halved compared to the previous day. 203 people were infected on Wednesday. It has decreased to 102 on Thursday. 96 affected in North 24 Parganas. The number of infected in Howrah and Hooghly is 41 and 60 respectively.

10 people have died in Corona in the state. Two died each in Kolkata, Howrah and North and South 24 Parganas. 601 people have recovered from Corona. 6,56 actively infected.

The tide of vaccination at the festival. Only 6,381 people have been vaccinated. Of these, 4,998 received the first dose. 2,363 received the second dose of the vaccine.

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