Covid Positivity Rate: Bangla on top of Centre’s list of concerns, Kolkata tops country in Covid Positivity Rate

Covid Positivity Rate: কেন্দ্রের উদ্বেগের তালিকায় বাংলা, কোভিড পজিটিভিটি রেটে দেশে শীর্ষে কলকাতা

Own report: In the growing corona infection in the country, Kolkata is raising concerns. Because Kolkata is at the top of the country at the moment in positivity rate. Kolkata ranks 2nd in the district-wise positivity rate. In one week, more than 80 percent positivity was caught in the metropolis. This was stated by the Union Ministry of Health. There were more than 21,000 daily infections in the state on Tuesday. 19 people died. In one day, more than 6,000 people were infected in Kolkata.

Last week, the Union Health Ministry had expressed concern over the Corona situation in Kolkata. Today, the same concern was expressed by the Center. It is said that Kolkata tops the list of cities in the country in weekly positivity rate. The other cities in the country that are of central concern are Mumbai, Bangalore Urban, Thane, Kolkata, Chennai, Pune. Not only is Omicron increasing in these places, but the death rate among those who are being infected with Omicron is also increasing.

Maharashtra tops the list of states where Omicron is growing at the moment, followed by West Bengal. It is followed by Delhi, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Uttar Pradesh, Kerala and Gujarat. Corona infection rate in Uttar Pradesh has increased by 14 percent compared to last week. These figures are very important considering the Assembly elections in Uttar Pradesh in February. According to the Union Health Ministry, the positivity rate has increased to 26.9 per cent in Mumbai, 12.29 per cent in Bangalore Urban, 31.54 per cent in Thane and 60.29 per cent in Kolkata in the last one week. In other words, the infection is increasing very fast in Kolkata. This time too the number of victims is higher in Maharashtra. In Uddhav Thackeray’s state the positivity rate is 22.39 percent, in Delhi it is 23.1 percent and in Bengal it is 32.17 percent.

According to the statistics provided by the Ministry of Health, the weekly positivity rate is above 5 percent in 300 districts of the country. The Center has also given a guideline on what to do in case of any positivity rate keeping in mind the situation. In this case 5 percent positivity rate (Positivity Rate) has been kept as the benchmark. It has been said that if the positivity rate is above 5 percent, a red alert should be issued. There can be a complete lockdown. Now it is seen that positivity rate is above 5 percent in 300 places of the country. As a result, there is ample reason for panic. On the other hand, according to the Union Ministry of Health, more than 6 per cent of those who have been vaccinated are less likely to have coronary heart disease. But for those who have not been vaccinated, Omicron is a cause for concern.

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Meanwhile, Prime Minister Narendra Modi will hold a meeting with the country’s chief ministers on Thursday to discuss the corona infection. That meeting can be discussed. “When the third wave started in Mumbai and Delhi, it was slowly increasing in Kolkata,” said Sumon Poddar, a leading doctor in the field of infection. We were not careful then. We celebrated December 25, the first of January. I couldn’t do much at that time. It must have an after effect. We have to suffer a little longer because of the delay in testing.

In the last 24 hours, 1,94,620 people have been infected with corona across the country. Of these, 48 were infected with omicron. In such a situation, the Union Health Ministry has asked the states to stockpile adequate oxygen. In addition, it is recommended to keep the oxygen plants active and keep the oxygen concentrator ready. Because the number of infected and the rate of infection is increasing day by day.

Arindam Biswas, a prominent doctor at the center, told G24 Hour that it is good that the center is now realizing that the problem is deep. There are reasons why such a situation. In Punjab, 72 people needed oxygen in one day. The next day, 262 people took oxygen. This means that one class of people still needs oxygen, whether it is Omicron or something else. Someone may need oxygen at any time. So what the center has said is correct.

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