Creepy! Here the dead came out of the grave, ban on the departure of common people

खौफनाक! यहां कब्र से बाहर निकल आए मुर्दे, आम इंसानों के जाने पर लगा बैन

London: You must have heard about many Horrific Places or you may have even been there. But knowing about this creepy place, your hair will stand. There is such an island in the world where only a pile of corpses is visible everywhere. As far as the eye can see, only male skeletons are visible.

Here is this scary island

According to a report published in Sussex Live, this scary place is an island. Which is located in the middle of the Medway River in the United Kingdom, just an hour away from East Sussex. The name of this island is Deadman’s Island. The name of this island is also scary. Due to the pile of dead bodies on the island, this island was named Deadman’s Island.

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How did so many bodies come to the island

Let us tell you that 200 years ago, the bodies of those people were buried on this island, who died while traveling in the jail built in the ship. The island was submerged in water due to the storm in the sea. After this, when the water receded, a large number of male skeletons came out of the grave.

Skeletons are skeletons everywhere on the island

Skeletons are visible everywhere on this island. In many places coffins made of wood were also found, in which the dead bodies were buried. Recently some scientists were allowed to visit Deadmans Island. However, there is a ban on common people going here.

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Know that Deadman’s Island has been taken under the care of Ramsar Convention. Scientists are studying here.

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