Crime: 2 sisters got their daughters raped by the shopkeeper for loan, not 1-2; 50 videos found

Crime: 2 बहनों ने उधार के लिए दुकानदार से करा दिया बेटियों का रेप, 1-2 नहीं; 50 Video मिले

Chennai: You must have heard about many incidents of cruelty with girls, but have you ever heard that the mother got her daughter raped in exchange for taking goods from the shop (Mothers Let Shopkeeper Rape Their Daughters) and also let her make a video. Yes, a similar heart-wrenching case has come to light from Chennai in Tamil Nadu. During the investigation, the police have recovered 50 pornographic videos of minor girls from the accused shopkeeper.

5 girls got raped by two sisters

According to a report published in the Times of India, the police have identified the accused shopkeeper as 48-year-old Perumal. Here two real sisters allowed the shopkeeper to rape their minor daughters and make a video of this shameful incident to repay the loan. Not only this, apart from their daughters, these two sisters also got their three friends raped by the shopkeeper. In this way both the sisters got their two daughters and 3 friends raped.

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How was the matter revealed?

Let us tell you that this dreadful case came to light when the police got the news that the shopkeeper sells ban tobacco. Then the police raided the shop and along with banned tobacco, the mobile was also recovered, which contained 50 videos of cruelty done to minor girls.

50 porn videos found in mobile

At first the police thought that the accused shopkeeper may have downloaded pornographic videos from the internet. But when he watched the video carefully, Perumal was there in the video. After this the police interrogated the shopkeeper Perumal, then he spilled all the secrets. He told the police that he had raped 5 minor girls in the last 6 months.

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After the disclosure of the incident, the police have arrested shopkeeper Perumal and the two accused sisters and registered a case against them under relevant sections of the IPC.


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