Dangerous cracks in this glacier, can collapse as large as the city; there will be destruction


Washington: A large part of the Thwaites Glacier in Antarctica can break off and fall. Known as the Doomsday Glacier, dangerous cracks have come to the fore in this glacier and it is believed that in the next few years it may break as large as Florida of America. Scientists have warned that if this happens, it could lead to a sudden significant increase in global sea level. That is, many areas can be submerged and people may have to be displaced.

Glacier’s grip getting weaker

As the ‘Daily Mail’ reports, new data released on Monday suggests that the Thwaites Eastern Ice Shelf (TIES) is losing its hold on the Submarine Shoal, or bank, as a result of warming of the oceans, which remove it from the rest of the glacier. Serves as a pinning point for pairing. Because of which cracks are coming in it. Satellite images presented at the annual meeting of the American Geophysical Union have revealed large cracks in the TIES. In the meeting, the researchers said that if this floating ice shelf breaks, then the sea level will rise by about 25%.

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rapidly changing circumstances

Glaciologist Prof Ted Scambos told that the situation is changing rapidly. Dramatic changes are going to happen in the condition of this glacier in less than the next decade. The Thwaites Glacier is melting rapidly and now a large part of it is in danger of breaking up, which is certainly a matter of concern. At the same time, Erin Pettit of Oregon State University, comparing the existing cracks to the windshield of a car, said that something similar is going to happen just as a small collision can shatter the windshield into hundreds of pieces. He said, ‘If the fragment of the glacier collapses, then it will cause the eastern third of Thwaites Glacier to melt even more rapidly. Due to this event, the speed of glacier melting will triple.

Here’s Why Doomsday Melts

Scientists say that due to the rising temperature of the earth, the Thwaites glacier is melting rapidly, which is a sign of a big danger for the whole world. This glacier, located in the western part of Antarctica, is submerged in the depth of several kilometers under the sea and large ice rocks are continuously breaking from it. Since 1980, it has lost at least 600 billion tons of ice. Talking about the total area of ​​Thwaites, it will be slightly smaller than Britain. In such a situation, its melting can destroy the coastal areas of the whole world.

Scary reports had come before

Earlier this year also a report came about Thwaites glacier. It was said in this report that there are holes in the glacier inside the sea. NASA scientists were quoted as saying that there has been a big hole in the glacier, which is two-thirds of the city of Manhattan in the US. Apart from this, it is 1100 feet high. Seeing this hole, it was estimated that the melted ice would have been about 14 trillion tons. Now the satellite images that have surfaced have pointed towards a more serious danger. Scientists have clarified that due to the breakup of part of the glacier, the water level of the world’s seas will increase by 5%. Due to this the coastal areas will be submerged by water.

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