Deadly snake: Poisonous snake in the delivery packet, that box went on the plane! As soon as it was opened, the officers became confident

Deadly snake: ডেলিভারি প্যাকেটে বিষাক্ত সাপ, বিমানে গেল ওই বাক্স! খুলতেই শিউরে উঠলেন অফিসাররা

Own report: I flew straight from India to Britain. Arriving there, he surprised the officers on duty. You too will be shocked to hear the whole incident. This unwanted guest on the plane is none other than the venomous snake of India. British Airlines workers unloaded the deadly viper from the shipping container of a local stone-making company and immediately took him to the animal hospital to deal with the situation. A post shared on Facebook from South Essex Wildlife Hospital shared details of the incident with pictures of snakes.

The hospital has tested that the snake is poisonous. The post itself describes how the snake was identified as a viper. Animal hospital staff arrived at the scene to rescue the snake and had to tape the entire house to prevent the snake from escaping. The hospital authorities wrote on Facebook how poisonous this snake is.

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According to hospital sources, “Apart from many British wildlife species, we also have many snakes that were definitely not in this country. We received a call about a stove snake coming from India in a shipping container. Since it has been identified as a saw scaled viper and since we have been familiar with this species before we know how dangerous these reptiles are. These venomous snakes are at the top of the list of the deadliest snakes in the world (which are believed to kill the most people).

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