Debina-Gurmeet: Debina-Gurmeet showed her daughter’s face, posted a picture of Liana

Debina-Gurmeet : মেয়ের মুখ দেখালেন দেবিনা-গুরমিত, পোস্ট করলেন লিয়ানার ছবি

G24 Hour Digital Bureau: Debina Bonnerjee became a mother in early April. Debina and Gurmit have a daughter. The star couple named their darling daughter ‘Liana’. However, Debina and Gurmit kept the girl hidden from the eyes of the fans for so long. This time the star couple showed Liana’s face to the fans holding hands on social media.

Debina posted a picture of her daughter and wrote, “Talk to Liana. Our hearts are now one. Our hearts are full now, thinking that we are part of a beautiful community. Many people prayed for her and were waiting to see her face.

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Debina and Gurmit have already opened an Instagram profile in the girl’s name. After becoming a girl, Debina has to face the ridicule of some people on social media. In response, the actress wrote, “There are many questions in your mind, why do I hold my daughter like this, why do I call my mother-in-law aunty. I just want to say, after all, there are some security hands around us who tell me everything is fine. ”

Debina Bandyopadhyay and Gurmit Chowdhury tied the knot in 2011. The star couple gave the good news of becoming parents in February 2022.

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