DJ is playing loudly, allegations on social media, police arrested the accused

তারস্বরে বাজছে ডিজে, সোশ্যাল মিডিয়ায় অভিযোগ, অভিযুক্তদের আটক করল পুলিশ। প্রতীকী ছবি।

Police arrested several people for allegedly playing DJ loudly. The incident took place in Uttarpara police station area of ​​Hughli. Police arrested several people in the incident as well as recovered the DJ box and mic. It is alleged that a DJ was playing loudly on the night of Republic Day.

Locals are complaining that catchy Hindi songs and loud DJs have been playing since morning at Hindmotor Tentultala. Several young men were having a picnic there. The locals requested to play their songs slowly but it did not work. The locals became restless as a result of loud music-DJ market throughout the day. Allegedly, the youths did not stop DJ even after that night. Even after 10 pm, the youngsters continue to play songs and DJs. As a result, the elderly people in the area get into trouble.

After repeated requests from the youths, no action was taken, so one of the locals complained on social media about playing loud DJs. After learning about the DJ’s violence on social media, the police of Uttar Police Station raided the spot and arrested some youths.

As a rule, DJ mics cannot be played loudly after ten o’clock at night. Even then, there have been allegations of DJ playing in various areas till late at night. A few days ago, a group of youths allegedly beat up a family member of a family in Howrah for protesting against DJ playing loudly. Later, however, the police arrested them. However, the locals are satisfied with the role of the police in the way the police have acted after receiving complaints on social media.

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