Durga Puja 2021: Here Maa Durga is worshiped in the form of dolls, know what is its belief

Durga Puja 2021: Here Maa Durga is worshiped in the form of dolls, know what is its belief
Ravi Kumar Jha, Jamshedpur
South Indian people (Telugu, Tamil and Kannada) living in Jamshedpur worship the mother in a unique way according to their old tradition. This worship is called Gudiya Puja. Starting from the day of establishment of the Kalash, this puja continues for nine days. This puja is performed by the women of the houses. There is no need for a pandit here. This worship is called Vamalakoluyu in Telugu. Whereas in Hindi it is called Gudiya Puja.

Worship is done in honor of daughters
This worship is going on since time immemorial. This puja is performed to honor the benties. It is said that in South India, daughters are respected a lot. There the daughters are given the name of mother. When daughters go to their in-laws’ house after marriage, it is heard in the house. That is why the worship of the mother is done in this way. So that we can remember the daughters. Not only this, daughters from in-laws also come to their maternal home on the day of worship.

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stair platform is made
Before the puja, the women of the house prepare a staircase-like platform. The couple is taken care of in this ladder. 5, 7, 9, 11 This type of ladder rack is prepared by making. Since Bhagwan Shiva is considered to be the main god here, then he is seated at the top. After that, the family to whom the Bhagwan belongs, everyone is kept with that family. All are kept in small size. Not only this, where the deities are kept, it is decorated very well. After that the lights are installed all around. During this, small toys are also kept.

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After this, according to the tradition, the women of the houses worship all the deities in turn. Whatever lamps are lit during this, they keep burning for the whole nine days. After worshiping the mother, Goddess Lalita Devi and Maa Durga are recited. After the worship is over, women apply kumkum on each other’s forehead and sandalwood tika on each other’s neck. After this, Prasad is also distributed on behalf of the women. Puja is organized for the entire nine days.

no immersion
In this puja, whatever small deities are kept here, their immersion is not done. On the day of Vijaya Dashami, one of them is put to sleep by singing a hymn or lorry. After that all the deities kept in the worship are well packed and kept. So that next year again these deities can be used.

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What do the women who worship dolls say?
Madhuri, a resident of Kadma, who has been worshiping in her house for years, told that this worship has been happening for many years. He told that we start preparing for this worship from one month. Since the main purpose of this puja is to pay respect to the daughter, therefore its preparations are special. He told that in this nine different incarnations of Shakti are worshipped. In which Vishnu Dashavatar, Ashtalakshmi Avatar, Vidya Avatar are included. He told that dolls are decorated on the basis of mythology in the stairs. He told that Adi Shakti Shiva-Parvati is kept at the top because she is the defeat of all.

At the same time, Pratyusha told that the old tradition is liked. She told that she helps her mother a lot for this worship. She herself does the work of decorating the doll because she has been watching this worship since childhood.

South Indians living in Jamshedpur worship Goddess Durga in the form of dolls.

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