Election Commission has fixed the rates, candidates and their partners will not be able to drink tea more expensive than Rs 6


New Delhi: In all the five election states, all the candidates have started preparing in full swing. That is why the price of everything has been fixed in the rate list issued by the Election Commission. The candidates will have to buy things within these prices. During the election, breakfast and food are provided by the candidates, whose rate has also been fixed. A candidate can spend Rs 37 per plate for breakfast of four poori and one sweet and Rs 6 each for a samosa and a cup of tea. Let us know how much money an MLA candidate can spend.

Expenditure limit fixed for garlands of flowers

Candidates can buy garlands of flowers at the rate of Rs 16 per meter and hire three drummers for campaigning for Rs 1,575 per day. However, mineral water bottles can be purchased at the MRP rate.

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Rates of BMW and Mercedes vehicles also fixed

The vehicles used by the candidates and their workers during the election campaign also come in the election expenses. To calculate this cost, the rates of vehicles have been fixed per km. They have to submit the details of distance, fuel, toll and other expenses. In this regard, luxury cars like BMW and Mercedes can be rented for Rs 21,000 per day, while the maximum rent for SUV Mitsubishi Pajero Sport can be Rs 12,600 per day. Apart from this, the fare for SUV cars like Innova, Fortuner, Qualis has been fixed at Rs 2,310 per day, Rs 1,890 per day for Scorpio and Tavera and Rs 1,260 per day for Jeep, Bolero and Sumo. Fuel and cost are all included in this amount.

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A candidate will spend 40 lakh rupees

Earlier, at the beginning of the month, the Election Commission raised the expenditure limit for state assembly elections from Rs 28 lakh to Rs 40 lakh. The cost of the loudspeaker used in the election campaign will be added to the expenditure of the candidate at the rate of Rs 1900 per day. The room rent for staying in the hotel will be from 1100 to 1800 rupees. The cost of generator will be added at Rs 506 per day, bucket Rs 4 per piece, tube light Rs 60, food Rs 120 per person, cold drink Rs 90 per two liters and badge badge Rs 600 per hundred. Apart from this, the candidate will have to give the details of digital expenses separately.

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