Eoin Morgan Retirement: What did ‘Captain Morgan’ say to his teammates about retirement? Find out

Eoin Morgan Retirement: অবসর নিয়ে সতীর্থদের উদ্দেশ্যে কী বললেন 'ক্যাপ্টেন মর্গ্যান'? জেনে নিন

Own report: The run drought has been going on for a long time. Fitness is not good either. So this time Eoin Morgan, the World Cup winning captain of England, has left international cricket. England have played a three-match ODI series against the Netherlands. Although England won the series there, Morgan failed miserably as a batsman. He returned to the pavilion empty handed in the first two matches. And removed himself for a groin injury before the third match. So before the limited-overs series against India (ENG vs IND) on Tuesday, the 2019 World Cup winning captain (ICC 2019 World Cup) said goodbye to 22 yards forever.

After retiring, Morgan said: “After talking to family, teammates and close friends, I finally decided to say goodbye to cricket forever. The team has made great strides in limited-overs cricket over the last 13 years. But now it’s time to stop. So I withdrew from the England limited overs team. ”

In 2019, under his leadership, England won the World Cup at home. Earlier, the Sahebs had won the T20 World Cup in 2010. At the time, however, he was a member of the team. He has witnessed many ups and downs of the team. “From a player to a captain, I’m proud of this team. I’m proud to be a member of the England team,” Morgan told his teammates before leaving.

In 2019, England won the Cricket World Cup for the first time. The British won the title under the leadership of Morgan. He has not played Test cricket for many years. However, he was the captain of England’s T20 and ODI teams. But the left-arm batsman has scored only two half-centuries in the last 27 matches in the country’s jersey. Besides, fitness has not been with him for a long time. So ‘Captain Morgan cut off a long 13-year relationship with the national team.’

Morgan bids farewell to international cricket Now Joss Butler is leading the race to become the captain of the England national team in the white ball format. He has been the co-captain of the team since 2015. He also led the team in 13 matches in Morgan’s absence. Moin Ali is also in the running to get the leadership baton. But Butler is more likely.

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