Euthanasia in Colombia: Right to medical help in suicide in case of serious illness in Columbia, the court ruled


Medically Assisted Suicide is Legal: Colombia’s Constitutional Court made a major decision on Wednesday evening. Under this decision, Colombia has supported medically assisted suicide in serious medical cases. Simply put, Colombia has legalized the support of medical staff in suicide for people suffering from incurable diseases. Lawyers there said that Colombia has now become the first country in Latin America to implement this rule.

Willful death is valid since 1997

Let us tell you that euthanasia has been legal in Colombia since 1997. It was used for the first time in January this year by a person suffering from an incurable disease.

who filed the application

When a person takes steps to end his life after consulting a doctor, he is classified as assisted suicide. The decision on the issue comes after Colombian right-to-die group DescLAB filed a lawsuit. The body has argued that criminalizing those who assist others in suicide violates people’s right to dignified death and access to medical aid.

In this case those countries can be made in the world

It has been said by the organization that in severe cases, patients should also express their desire to commit suicide and get help from a doctor for this. Lucas Correa, director of research at DescLAB, said in a video that, “This is a new mechanism that, with euthanasia, allows us to reach a free, safe and medically assisted death. In the case of dying with dignity, it is our country.” A decisive step to prove itself as one of the most advanced country in the world.”

what is the situation now

So far, people in Colombia who help people with the disease commit suicide can be sentenced to 16 to 36 months in prison. DescLAB says that if we look at the data from 2010 to August last year, 127 such cases have been investigated.

These countries also have approval

Apart from Colombia, some states in Switzerland, Netherlands, Luxembourg, Canada, Australia, Spain, Germany and the United States also allow medically assisted suicide.

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