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The son of the deceased filed a case in Alwar Gate police station, the accused transferred money from bank account to Paytm


Published: January 29, 2022 03:21:49 am

Ajmer. The driver and the domestic servant conspiratorially withdrew three lakh 95 thousand rupees from the bank account of the retired administrative officer from the medical department. Despite the death of the accused owner, he kept on withdrawing money from the account by narrating the story of missing the mobile SIM card. The son of the deceased has fraudulently filed a case of theft against the car driver and domestic servant in the Alwar Gate police station.

Even after the death of the owner, the driver-servant kept withdrawing money from the bank account!

Rajiv Gupta, who lives behind the Civil Line Revenue Board, said that his father Radha Mohan Gupta, a resident of Kundan Nagar, was retired from the Medical and Health Department as an administrative officer. He died on 28 December 2021 at 4.30 pm. He had an account in SBI Bank. Amit Jain, a resident of Beawar Road, used to drive his father’s car while Chandrashekhar, a resident of Kundan Nagar, was a domestic servant. He alleged that Amit and Chandrashekhar fraudulently and conspiratorially withdrew an amount of three lakh 95 thousand rupees from his father’s bank account.

It was told in the report that Amit and Chandrashekhar were with him at the time of his father’s death. After his death, while getting him down from the bed, Chandrashekhar systematically told about the fall of mobile phone and battery and missing SIM card. The SIM card was not found even after searching the house the next day. When asked, both of them expressed their ignorance. But when he made an entry in the bank’s passbook, it was found that from June 4 to December 29, 2021, the withdrawal of three lakh 95 thousand rupees was found from the father’s bank account. The police started investigation by registering a case of fraud and theft on Gupta’s report.

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Gupta told that on December 28, 2021, 5000 rupees were transferred from ATM and on the day of cremation, again on 29 December, 5 thousand rupees were transferred from Paytm to the account of driver Amit Jain. Gupta told that only the servant Chandrashekhar used to listen to both the mobile phones whose SIM cards were missing. Gupta told that he got information that driver Amit Jain and domestic help Chandrashekhar were withdrawing money from his father’s bank account from Paytm after receiving OTP number for a long time.


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