Even the Supreme Court does not care about Netbandi

internet Shutdown In Rajasthan : नेटबंदी पर सुप्रीम कोर्ट की भी परवाह नहीं

In Rajasthan, it has become common to have a ‘digital curfew’ i.e. internet shutdown for any major or minor examination. Internet service was suspended for the fourth time in a month.

Amit Vajpayee

Once again ‘Digital Curfew’ means ban on life in Rajasthan. In Rajasthan, it has become common to have a ‘digital curfew’ i.e. internet shutdown for any major or minor examination. Internet service was suspended for the fourth time in a month. First reet then patwari and now RAS recruitment exam. I do not understand what the state government wants? The state government had told the Jodhpur High Court in 2018 that internet would not be shut down in the state for competitive exams in future. After this, the Supreme Court has clearly said that the Internet is also like a fundamental right of the people. Under the guise of this order of the Supreme Court, the state government handed over the power to the divisional commissioner to decide whether to shut down the internet. The Supreme Court has given permission to shut down the internet for special reasons keeping in mind the public safety, but despite the high court and the Supreme Court standing with the public, digital curfew was imposed on the state three times in seven days. By doing this the government not only harassed the common man but also backed out from the affidavit given by the High Court. This net ban is also an insult to the spirit of the Supreme Court.

Now the question arises what era are we living in. Today the entire fabric of life is woven around the Internet. In such a situation, the digital curfew not only stops the essential work of the common man, but also stops the business on the occasion of the festival. The Indian Telegraph Act 1885 also makes it very clear that internet service can be stopped only in the interest of public safety. Even after this, when the mind wanted, then the digital curfew, after all, why? The answer is, cover up your failure. In fact, despite all the efforts, the government could neither save the paper from being out in the competitive examination nor could it stop the copying. Because this whole gang is even involved in the system. In such a situation, the government has put all the blame on the Internet. Meaning if there is no internet then neither the form will be out nor will there be copying. However, nothing of the sort happened. The copying took place even though the internet was down. The gang was also caught as evidence. Meaning the result of shutting down the internet turned out to be zero.

The question arises that why does the government stop internet services again and again despite so many difficulties? Isn’t it estimated how much damage is done if internet services are stopped? Whether internet services were shut down in compliance with the rules and regulations and legal provisions? Did the reasoning given for the Internet shutdown succeed in those objectives? Why not try any other option to stop copying instead of net shutdown when the government is being harassed again and again?

All types of businesses are now dependent on the Internet. Internet is a basic need. Be it government or non-government businesses, banks or other financial institutions, educational institutions or medical facilities… all are badly affected by internet service shutdown. Millions of people working on online transactions, net banking are troubled. In such a situation, even a day’s shutdown gives a loss of crores. After all, who is responsible for this loss? In any examination, instead of creating a dilemma for the people by blocking the internet service through the district officer, efforts should be made to make it a fundamental right. People are looking towards the Supreme and High Court to protect their fundamental rights, now they should intervene suo motu on this ‘netbandi’ which is happening every day in Rajasthan so that it can be curbed in future.

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