‘Every citizen is being paid Rs 5,000’, the announcement center in Corona?

কেন্দ্রের তরফে সাফ জানিয়ে দেওয়া হয়েছে, ৫,০০০ টাকা দেওয়ার কোনও প্রকল্প চালু করা হয়নি। (ছবিটি প্রতীকী, সৌজন্যে রয়টার্স)

‘Union health ministry is paying Rs 5,000 from coronavirus fund’ – Have you received any such message? If you get it, then it is completely false. Because the center has made it clear that no such project has been launched.

On Tuesday, the Press Information Bureau’s (PIB) information verification Twitter handle (@PIBFactCheck) posted a picture on Twitter saying, ‘A fake message is claiming that the Union Ministry of Health is paying Rs 5,000 from the coronavirus fund. Do not forward such fake message. Do not give your information on any such suspicious website.

What is written in the fake message?

The message claims, ‘5,000 rupees will be received from the Government of India. Fill out the form now and get Rs 5,000 from the Corona Fund of the Ministry of Health. If you also want to get that 5,000 rupees, then click on the link given below. In that message, it has been claimed that if the form is not filled by January 15, the money will not be matched. However, the center has said that the message is completely false.

Thus, such fake messages are always spread on social media. Recently, a bogus notification was spread claiming that ‘Expensive Allowance (DA) of Central Government Employees is being stopped due to Omicron. Retirement Death Relief (DR) for retirees is also being suspended. Although the Press Information Bureau’s (PIB) information verification was reported by Twitter handle, the notification is completely false.

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