Eye donors decreased during the Corona period

कोरोना काल में घट गए नेत्रदान करने वाले

Eight thousand eye donation every year in Tamil Nadu
– ranked first in the country
Eye donation decreasing due to lack of awareness
Eye donors decreased during the Corona period

Chennai. Every year 50,000 eye donations are done in the country. About 8,000 eye donations are being done every year from Tamil Nadu and in this regard it is the first in the country. Experts say that there is a huge shortage of eye donors. Very few eye donations took place during the pandemic. More than one lakh people are in need of transplant every year and only 50,000 people are donating their eyes. This number keeps increasing every month. Due to lack of awareness, the country is facing a shortage in eye donation.
Eye donor can be of any age
An eye donor can be of any age. However, those with some infectious diseases including AIDS, Hepatitis B, Tetanus, Cholera cannot donate eyes. Eye donation is done within four to six hours of death. On the other hand, experts said that there was fear among people due to Kovid. Apart from this, a major reason for the shortage of donors is that people do not inform their family or friends after registering in a camp or hospital.
20 million people suffer from blindness due to damage to the cornea
An estimated two million people in India suffer from blindness due to damage to the cornea. More than a quarter of these cases can be resolved with timely transplantation. The demand for corneal transplants is increasing with thousands of new cases every year.

Only 25% of the eyes donated in the country during the Corona period
There are many reasons for the decrease in eye donation. In the Corona era, only about 25 percent of the eye donations took place in the country. During the Corona period, there was a fear among people that eye donation might spread the infection. At the same time, those who died due to corona, their eyes could not be donated. Along with this, removing the eye during this time and storing it was also becoming difficult. There was shortage of manpower in many places.
– Dr. S. Lalit Kumar, Ophthalmologist, Amrit Hospital, Chennai.
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