Fact Check: Stoned to death for helping US military

Fact Check: Stoned to death for helping US military

It is being claimed that the viral video is from Afghanistan, where this young man was pelted with stones as a punishment.

The young man was hit with stones (Photo Credit: News Nation)

New Delhi:

A disturbing video is going viral on social media. In this video a mob of hundreds of people is thrashing a young man with stones. It is being claimed that the viral video is from Afghanistan, where this youth is being punished as a punishment. was stoned. The Taliban crossed the limits of brutality and killed it. It is claimed that this young man worked as a translator for the US military. While sharing the video, a user wrote “Warning. This is very scary Those who say that the Taliban have changed, watch this scary video from Afghanistan, in which a man is being stoned to death. These are the ones the Biden administration is appeasing.

The Taliban government has formed a special ministry to punish according to Sharia law. The task of this ministry is to cut off the hands of the thieves and fix the punishment of stone pelting for making illegal relations. In the Taliban rule of 20 years ago, only women But only stones were pelted, but this time the Taliban is talking about giving similar punishment to the men found guilty. Although in the video, the young man is accused of helping the US Army, in such a situation, this young man has to be beaten with a stone. We focused our investigation on this question why the punishment is being given. During the investigation, we searched the internet with some keywords … then we found a Facebook post written in Persian language. Which is from 21 June 2018 is present on the social site. The same video was uploaded with this Facebook post, which is now viral in social media.

The video found in the investigation was also confirmed by Google reverse image tool. According to the report we got after key-framing the video, the viral video is from Darzab district of Afghanistan, where a 60-year-old man was killed as a rape accused. Gaya, however, is not a Talibani but a terrorist of ISIS… The Islamic State terrorists threw the dead body into a nearby river after the murder.

In this way it became clear in our investigation, the claim being made about the Taliban punishing by stoning is wrong. The terrorists seen in the video are not Taliban, but ISIS. However, due to the place being of Afghanistan, confusion spread.

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First Published : 20 Sep 2021, 08:29:11 PM

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