#Festival: Idol Niranjan without floating in water! For the first time, special arrangements were made by the corporation at Kolkata Ghat

#উৎসব: জলে না ভাসিয়েই প্রতিমা নিরঞ্জন! প্রথমবার কলকাতার ঘাটে বিশেষ ব্যবস্থা কর্পোরেশনের

Own report: Preparations are in full swing in the ghats of Kolkata for idol Niranjan. From the Calcutta Police to the Calcutta Corporation, neither side is willing to have a flaw in Niranjan’s management of the Ganges pots. The administration is keeping a close watch on Baja Kadamtala Ghat, Dai Ghat, Jajes Ghat and Nimtala Ghat.

This is the first time that the Calcutta Corporation has made an alternative arrangement for Niranjan at the Yoghurt Ghat. In this alternative system, the Durga idol can be dehydrated without floating in water. In that case water will be taken from the Ganges and the water will be poured on the idol with the help of hose pipe. The idol throat water will be stored in a reservoir. The water will then be drained through a canal. Kolkata Corporation is going to start the whole process on a trial basis this time. Firhad Hakim, Chairman of the Board of Governors of the Corporation, toured the entire process. He said, “With the cooperation of the people, later in other ghats of Kolkata, the idol will be dismantled in this manner.”

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Adequate police force is also being deployed at Baja Kadamtala Ghat, Dai Ghat, Jajes Ghat and Nimtala Ghat. There will also be employees of the corporation. Only a certain number of members will have access to the wharf for the desecration of the idol. Like every time, a special place has been made for throwing flowers and materials of Pujo. The waterways are being monitored by the river traffic police and drones.

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