Food should be delivered to the homes of the victims, according to the instructions of the district magistrate

 আক্রান্তদের বাড়িতে পৌঁছে দিতে হবে খাবার, জেলাশাসকদের নির্দেশ নবান্নের

Own report: The number of Covid 19 cases in the state has crossed 9,000. While Kolkata tops the positivity rate, many people in the districts are also infected. District Magistrates (DMs) from Nabanna were instructed to deliver food packets to the victims’ homes with the help of police. A new guideline has also been issued for corona treatment.

Coronary surge. The number of victims is increasing by leaps and bounds. According to the report of the health department on Tuesday, 9,063 people have been infected with new corona infections in the last 24 hours in the state. Positive rate is 18.96. And Calcutta? The capital city was hit by the second wave in just 7 days! The number of victims is 4,859. The positivity rate is also the highest in the state.

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The infection is also spreading in the districts. North 24 Parganas is in second place and South 24 Parganas is in third place. Those who are affected are not able to go out of the house due to normal reasons. Many people have to stay in quarantine. This time the police will deliver the packet of food to their house. What’s in the packet? According to Nabanna Sutra, there will be packets of dry food like rice, pulses, turnips, biscuits. Nabanna even instructed to deliver the medicine to the house if necessary.

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Meanwhile, the state government also issued new guidelines for the treatment of corona. That guideline clearly states that there is no need to be hospitalized if infected. Rather, special attention should be paid to comorbidity and sixties at home. However, if there is fever for 7 days or more, recurrent fever, or oxygen level drops below 94, then the patient is directed to be admitted to the hospital.

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