Forgetting, there is no mind to eat and drink, Sushant in one corner of the jail, do you remember Sutpa?

সুশান্ত ও সুতপা। ফাইল ছবি

Last May 2. One knife after another on the public street. Sutapa fell down in a bloody state. This is how Sushant killed his girlfriend Sutpa on the street of Gorabazar in Behrampur. Bangla was shocked to see CC footage. He was caught within a few hours. Sushant Chowdhury is currently being held captive at the Bahrampur Central Correctional Institution. A few days ago, the police brought him to the spot and investigated the whole incident once again. But how is Sushant in jail? Remember your girlfriend? Or do not remember all that? Or remember that blood-stained hand, the screams of the girlfriend, the stabbing of one knife after another?

However, according to the source, Sushant seems to have forgotten. Even after eating, he is asking why he did not give food? But did Sushant catch dementia? Is there any remorse in Sushantar’s intense hatred towards his girlfriend, killing her by tying her tightly, then trying to escape, even after being caught?

However, according to the source, Sushant has become very depressed. He doesn’t talk much with anyone. He has almost forgotten about bathing, eating and sleeping. He doesn’t even want to get up in the morning and brush. I don’t even look at cutting hair or nails. Always lying in one corner of the jail without expression. It’s as if he’s been relaxing all day.

Meanwhile, a few days ago, Sushant, while sitting in the prison van, tried to put the blame on Sutpar’s parents in response to the questions of the journalists. However, Sushant does not want to meet his family. Even the lawyer sent by the father has been sent back. He also said that he would accept the punishment. The question is, but the desire to survive is slowly going away Sushantar? Do suicidal tendencies arise in such prisoners?

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