Ghaziabad: Expressway named bus, jammed for half an hour… people also got angry on toll

Ghaziabad: Expressway named bus, jammed for half an hour... people also got angry on toll
Ghaziabad: The work of laying the girder for the Railway Overbridge (ROB) is currently underway near Chipiyana Buzurg of Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh. Due to this some lanes have been closed for traffic coming from Delhi. Due to increased traffic load in the morning and evening, there is a long jam of about 2 kilometers here. Due to this people are facing lot of inconvenience. During the day when the traffic load is less then there is not much problem but in the morning and evening there is a lot of problem.

In view of the jam, the public has changed the time of going to their office. Shivendra, who goes from Noida to Meerut, says that earlier he used to leave the house at around 9:15, but now it is trying to leave with half an hour more time. If there is a jam, then you can reach the office on time. At present, the traffic police has opened an illegal cut near the Delhi-Meerut Expressway to avoid jamming the traffic of NH-9. Even after this, there is no relief from the problem of this jam.

DME traffic is also a problem due to coming on NH
At present, after coming ahead of DME’s traffic crossing Republic, it goes on NH-9 to get down towards Ghaziabad. Due to this, the traffic of NH-9 and DME get stuck there and there is a severe jam. Experts say that if NHAI allows DME traffic to land only near Dasna, then the problem of jam can be reduced. By closing this cut, the jam will get relief to a great extent.

The problem is likely to continue till August 15
If the claims of NHAI officials are to be believed, then till August 15, the problem of jam will continue with the Chipiyana elder. By August 15, with the installation of the girder here, the approach road will be made ready. The trial of the bridge will also be completed. After this this 6 lane will be fully opened for the public.

People are angry with toll collection
People are very much annoyed due to continuous jam on the expressway. People say that when NHAI could not prepare the entire expressway, then what was the need to impose toll so soon. This is an expressway in name only, people are facing half an hour jam on it like a normal road. There is a demand of the people that till the expressway is completely ready, the toll collection should be stopped.

Arvind Kumar, Project Director, DME said that by August 15, the traffic of this entire expressway will be made free flow. The girder will be placed till July 10. The target has been set to complete the work by the first week of August. Right now the chipiana elder is facing the problem of jam, which will last for a few days.

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